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Lenyn Nuñez

Mr. California 2011
Team maxgenics

the science of
maximum Muscle

Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics represents a breakthrough in muscle building supplements. Never before have proven, all-natural ingredients been combined to optimize all five of your body's most important muscle-building hormones - helping you build the muscular, ripped physique you've always wanted:


Body Fat


Power &


For more lean muscle mass,
a chiseled, muscular physique,
And animalistic strength.

+ +

Human Growth Hormone

Maximizes muscle gains,
accelerated fat loss, creates
elite strength & performance.

+ +

Increased Insulin Sensitivity

Enhances maximum anabolic growth, dramatically reduces recovery between workouts.


Decreased Estrogen

Reduces fat storage at the abdomen and pectoral areas, allows for more long-lasting muscle gains.


Decreased Cortisol

Speeds recovery, reduces body fat, and prevents muscle loss after tough workouts.



"Natubolic Growth Fuel by MaxGenics works. It's the only supplement I've been taking and it's helped me BLAST through plateaus - helping me get bigger and more ripped than I've ever been before. The secret lies in Natubolic Growth Fuel's unique formula - packed with ingredients proven to enhance your body's muscle-building hormones. Do yourself a favor and try it today. You won't regret it."

Lenyn Nuñez
2011 Mr. California
Team MaxGenics

How Does it Work?

The Science Behind Natubolics

Natubolic Growth Fuel enters your bloodstream

The powerful ingredients spread throughout your body, optimizing muscle-building hormone levels.

Your body's natural muscle-building hormones step into overdrive, crafting a ripped, muscular physique.

Natubolics = Results.

Growth Fuel User

"From the very first time I took MaxGenics Growth Fuel, I immediately felt like I could work out harder and longer.

Results came within a few weeks. I got more ripped AND gained muscle mass. I'm very happy with what Growth Fuel has done for me.

Plus, it tastes great."

-Trevon, Los Angeles, CA

Growth Fuel User

"I've tried a few supplements in the past, but most didn't do much for me.

I did a little bit of research, and found out that most of these products didn't actually target what actually builds lean muscle: proper anabolic hormone levels.

So I was excited to give MaxGenics Growth Fuel a try. So far so good - I finally got the REAL six pack I was looking for, while adding size."

-Alexander, Baltimore MD

Growth Fuel User

"The kind of energy I get while I'm on Growth Fuel is insane. I feel like it makes me think sharper and more clearly too.

But seriously, the best part is what it's done to my body. I've added some serious size to my arms (I was one of those skinny-fat guys before). And I did this while actually getting leaner (my abs have never been this cut before.

Great product."

-Scott, Austin TX

Growth Fuel User

"I had good results right when I started lifting, but for a while there (like 3 to 4 years or so) I really didn't gain much, even though I was working out like a BEAST.

Once I got on Growth Fuel, though, I started hitting workouts even harder, and after a few weeks I saw some serious mass gains.

I can honestly say it helped me push through a major plateau and add more size. Great stuff!"

Dragos, Lansing MI

proven ingredients.
maximum growth.


A natural dairy extract, dramatically increases HGH levels for more muscle mass & less fat.


This seed extract lowers estrogen levels while enhancing testosterone production.


A natural seed extract clinically shown to increase free testosterone levels over 90%.


Plant extract shown to decrease levels of stress hormone cortisol while increasing testosterone.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Increases insulin sensitivity for greater muscle gain while losing fat.

Alpha GPC

Potent HGH enhancer, also increases energy levels and mental focus.


Root extract enhances energy while reducing corisol levels for faster recovery and less body fat.


Helps synthesize more testosterone and reduces conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

L Arginine AKG

A potent vasodialator, increases 'pump' to muscles while also enhancing HGH.


From broccoli, 'DIM' is a potent anti-estrogen - combatting fat stores around the abdomen and chest while enhancing muscle and strength.

How We Stack Up

  MaxGenics Growth Factor 9 Hydro Builder Force Factor 2 Dark Matter
Progene Test X180 HighT Nugenix
Optimizes testosteorne, HGH, insulin, estrogen, & cortisol levels check X X X X
US-made in FDA-certified lab with the highest purity standards check ? ? ? ?
Formula developed under advisory team of MDs & PHD biochemists check X X X X
Manufactured to increase muscle mass & reduce body fat check X X X X
90 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee check check X X X
Product is third-party tested for quality, purity and potency check X check X X

Grow Muscle

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